I Got a Trailer!

I’ve been wanting a small travel trailer for years, and I finally got one! Woohoo!

I looked at those cute older models, but most of them were either very expensive (all fixed up) or needed too much work. And most of them don’t have a bathroom, and I really wanted one with a shower. So I ended up with one from the 80s. Hey, it’s technically vintage too! And I love the idea of taking this dated old trailer and decking it out, Heartland vintage style!

But beyond what the trailer looks like, it’s about what it represents. Adventure, baby! Freedom to hit the road and have new experiences. Go places I’ve never been. Live my life. I haven’t done enough of that. I’m finally at a place in my life where I can just up and go. Yahoo!

I’ve just started sharing updates on YouTube and Facebook, so subscribe to my YouTube channel and keep an eye out on Facebook while I share DIY fixes and décor and take this baby from ugly to awesome boho-chic!

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